Why You Shouldn't Smoke If You Are Pregnant

According to research, people who smoke while taking oral contraceptives have a higher risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. The fertility rate of female smokers is 72% while Male smokers have 50% fertility rate. The chemicals in the tobacco also cause the fluid in the cervix to become toxic, causing the sperm to die faster so that it is difficult to get pregnant.

Did you know that your pulse rate and blood pressure alters when you smoke? It is only after 20 minutes, then it returns to normal.

If you are pregnant, or you already have a baby, and you still smoke, you are putting both your health and your baby’s health at risk. Studies show that the baby is strongly affected by the nicotine the mother gets from smoking. The nicotine that enters the body travels through the bloodstream and whatever travels through the bloodstream reaches the baby inside the mother’s womb. This situation could result in low birth weight, premature delivery, miscarriage and, sometimes, death of the baby.

Babies who have a mother or father who smoke are more prone to bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia. This is because they are exposed to smokers more often. Passive smoke can cause a lot of health problems for the baby.

It is not easy to quit smoking, but it is better if you decide to quit smoking now for the future of your baby. You are not only hurting your baby by smoking while you are pregnant but you will also be causing severe harm to their still developing lungs after they are born by smoking around them. You may as well quit before you even try to get pregnant.

If you quit smoking, the carbon dioxide and nicotine will be eliminated from your system and then you will regain your strength and your blood circulation will improve. You also reduce the risk of getting lung cancer as well.

You should also consider your appearance. Smoking speeds up aging and it makes you smell bad. It is also costly. Imagine how much money you can save if you quit smoking? I have no idea what cigarettes cost where you live but where I am they are nearly $ 4.00 per pack.

You should also seek support from your family and friends who do not smoke. You can also join support groups in your community or online. The American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society and your health insurance are some of the associations where you can get information about support groups to help you end this noxious habit.

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