The Impacts Of Cigarette Smoking To Our Body

Smokers are aware of the negative effects of smoking on the body. But to put you in to know, here are the top 10 side effects of smoking that you should be aware of.

1. Smokers cough Smoking for any length of time gives you the smokers cough. It is the sound of your lungs driving out all the chemicals in tobacco smoke. This cough is actually a reaction of your body in trying to get rid of the poisonous fumes you are inhaling everyday.

2. Stained teeth This is one of the most visible sign of smoking. After smoking for some time, the smoker gets yellow stained teeth. Getting your teeth whitened can be a solution but after a while the stains will be back if you continue to smoke.

3. Yellow Fingers. Have you ever tried to look closely at the fingers of a smoker? Smokers, whether they believe it or not, have a yellow stained fingers. Of course, it is an evidence that deliberately explains that you smoke and no amount of scrubbing can remove the stains.

4. Circulation Problems. Smoking blocks arteries and reduce blood flow. Because of this, almost all smokers experience varicose veins and sometimes may lead to impotence..

5. Shortness Of Breath. A smoker who plays a lot of sport can easily notice a sudden change on his breathing. This is because the lung capacity is reduced by smoking. Recent study shows that a 35 year old man can have the lungs of a 50 year old from heavy smoking.

6. Lack Of Energy. When you smoke, you are releasing oxygen from your body and this leads to lack of energy. A quitter testified on the safe cig review that when he smoked, he has to drag his body out of the bed each morning. But things change when he decided to quite. He discover that he would wake up feeling more completely awake, refreshed and rejuvenated.

7. Grey Complexion. One of the most visible signs of smoking. As you smoke, your skin becomes grey and even paler compared to non-smoker. Smoking makes the skin age quicker as you are starving your skin of essential nutrients.

8. Dry mouth This a sensation that only a smoker can feel. They wake up in the morning with a mouth that felt like sandpaper. According to the safe cig review, smoking could make the tongue so dry that most smokers like to grab a bottle of water after smoking.

9. Taste and smell Smoking can gradually lose your ability to smell things properly and can make your taste buds falter. You will also smell like a walking tobacco if you smoke. Have you tried smelling your clothes after spending some time with a company of smokers when you don’t smoke? This is what you smell all the time when you smoke.

10. Dizzy Spells. If you are a smoker, sudden movements could easily make you feel dizzy. Say for instance, you sit upright quickly or get out of the bath too quickly.

These are the minor side effects of smoking. Compared to lung cancer and heart disease, these health issues is lighter. So before everything is too late, stop smoking today. You can stop smoking in an easy way with electronic cigarettes.Get valuable information on best electronic cigarettes through a number of safe cig reviews.

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