Truth and lies in toner cartridge recycling

Toner cartridge recycling is one of the best opportunities in recycling available for the regular consumer. You can attain a substantial sum simply by recycling empty toner cartridges. This is something that many consumers do not take advantage of, so in order to make the most out of your recycling opportunity, below are some strategies that you should consider as well as some facts and myths affiliated with the process. One common fallacy is that these programs are a scam. If you perform your research, then you should never have that issue. You should always register on a website that offers you contact information and simply seems professional. You can directly contact the company in order to feel more comfortable.

One common strategy that simply is not employed enough is negotiating a recycling effort with a local company. This does not mean that the company sponsors your recycling event, but that you are the singular source for recycling with the organization.

One good method to utilize is to visit the local office and speak with the receptionist or head secretary. Typically, they will be the individual who would coordinate such an event. You can tell them your true intentions or simply say that you wish to help them perform their part with recycling efforts. Unless they already have a recycling partner, you should be able to get them to agree.

Next, you should ask to find out how many printers they have, identify the locations where they are placed, and ask for an estimate on their consumption per week. Once you determine this, you can figure out how many collection bins you need. Place one in each location and schedule a time to come back each week or month to collect the cartridges. In the end, you are doing them a service and you are helping to increase your commission check.

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