Cool stuff to take with you while traveling!

My family loves to travel. For my husband the most exciting part of the trip is arriving at our destination. For me, however, the trip begins the moment all bags are packed and loaded in the car. After all, precise packing is such a crucial part to a successful trip! I enjoy thinking of a new gadget or creative use for a household item to bring on each trip. Sometimes, we even make it a contest in our family.

Power Strip:

Did you ever get to your hotel at night only to discover an insufficient number of outlets for all of your electronics? Nowadays people usually bring at least three electronic items which need to be plugged in and charged overnight. An ipad, a cell phone, a digital camera, and an electric shaver are just a few examples. It has certainly become ubiquitous to travel with multiple electronics – and more standard for electronics to come with rechargeable batteries.

Despite this change, most hotels and camping locations have not yet added electrical outlets to accommodate this change. So bring your own power strip to multiply the number of available outlets in your room. If everyone brings one power strip there should be enough outlets to go around – even in the most exotic locations. Don’t forget to bring a voltage converter or adapter for places that don’t use the same voltage as your home does!

Swiss Army knife:

My brother got us an engraved Swiss army knife for our wedding present. At the time I thanked him, politely faking a smile. Years later I realize that it was one of the best gifts we got! A Swiss army knife has all the tools you will ever need while traveling, all packed into a nifty little piece of metal that will fit in your pocket. A basic version has a knife, a screw driver, a can opener, a bottle opener, nail clippers and nail filers and even a little scissor! I recommend keeping it packed in your travel bag so you never forget to take it along. Be careful to keep it out of reach of small children. If you are flying make sure to that the Swiss army knife is not in your carry-on luggage.

Ziploc Bags:

Ziploc bags are cheap, lightweight and easy to pack, yet they can serve so many purposes! Over the years they have become a travel essential in my family. Most obvious and common, Ziplocs are great or packing snacks and lunches. But that is far from their only use. After a trip to the beach or pool, you can put your wet bathing suit in a Ziploc and then just toss that into your back pack.

Large Ziplocs can be used to do some light laundering – simply fill the bag with soap and water, leaving enough space for the dirty garment, seal the bag and shake. Repeat two times with just water as a “rinse cycle.” Ziplocs can also be used to protect electronics in light rain. Note that this does not take the place of true waterproof protection for wet activities. When packing, Ziplocs are great for packing toiletries, preventing damage from spills of creams, shampoos, or toothpaste.

Traveling Candle Holders:

One of the greatest purchases I ever made was a tiny pair of traveling candle holders. I bought mine at a local camping store for about 15 dollars. Recently my family went camping near the lake, after sunset, my daughter ran into the tent to get the candle holders. We had a nice dinner and had enough light to see. Little did she know that after everyone had fallen asleep I whipped out the candle holders again to have a romantic candle-lit dessert with my husband. Boy was he surprised!

The candle holders can also be used to burn citronella candles on the beach to keep bugs away. Additionally, they can be used to burn incense candles for a pleasant aroma on any occasion. When bringing traveling candle holders don’t forget to bring tea lights and matches (all in a Ziploc bag)!


My father always brings his binoculars when traveling. He says that they are the most important piece of supplementary equipment that he carries with him. A good pair of binoculars usually comes with its own protective case, and they can usually be worn around the neck. Binoculars are wonderful for examining beautiful vistas or bird watching on a nature trip. However, they have uses on other types of trips as well. We bring them with us to sporting events, plays, and the circus – transforming our last row seats into a first-class experience!

Rivkah is a part of team. She loves to travel and always looking for new “take away” gadgets to write about.

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