Encouragement for leaders assigned to turn the world upside down

globeA foremost teacher on leadership, John C. Maxwell, says that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition defines leadership as “the ability to guide or show the way to by going in advance”. With these two statements it also becomes imperative that leaders understand the process required for accepting the assignment to turn a big world upside down. Simply, it takes a group of unified leaders giving themselves to commitment, consistency, and completion yet never relinquishing the power of one.

 Great leaders always maximize the wisdom gained from examples gone before.  Biblical leaders such as Abraham, Joshua, and Jesus are the standard for leading people. Also, a leader’s bench-march continued to be set forth by world leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Reverend Billy Graham. These leaders have accepted the truth that leadership begins at home, but is magnified by the manner in which one worships God; thus, it causes one to make a world of difference!

In Acts 17: 6, there is an example of a group of men turning the world upside down! With no fear they preached powerfully, prophesied accurately, and withstood painful persecution! Furthermore, they publicized the name of Jesus Christ to the entire world!  Men inspired by the Holy Spirit went from mere fishers to wise fishers of men!  They were promoted from the lowest parts of their society to obedient disciples of Jesus Christ, to mighty workers of miracles, signs, and wonders! They produced notable miracles that caused men to declare that they had turned their world upside down!

Now it’s our turn. Here are four ingredients to assist us in turning this world upside down.  The first ingredient is preaching or proclaiming a message.  Preaching is the thing that Jesus Christ used to become a world changer.  He preached and taught as one exercising authority and causing many to be amazed (St. Mark 1: 22).  The second ingredient necessary is prophesying or revealing by divine inspiration.  Prophesying is the ingredient that separates man’s wisdom from God’s wisdom (James 3: 15-18). The third ingredient added is persecution or oppression, harassment or extremely ill-treatment.  Exodus 1: 12 express a phenomenal about this kind of persecution – “but the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew!” This is what will happen as godly leaders endure and withstand unparalleled persecution.  The last ingredient is publishing, bringing to the public’s attention, or announcing. Through publishing God’s word, Jesus’ name becomes loudly broadcasted, and it brings forth the good news and great joy of a risen Savior!

Proverbs 4: 18 speak of a shining forth unto a brighter day. That day has manifested and a New Breed of Leaders are rising who are capable of great exploits! The earth awaits each of us, so let’s rise up and turn the world upside down by the manner in which we lead!

____________________Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Living Waters Ministries is led by Pastors Lawrence & Kimberlie Richardson. In these times of phenomenal building, God now sends a people forth to build according to His divine pattern! Living Waters Ministries, Inc., is fixed on building what God desires to build according to Psalm 127:1.  For more information regarding our ministry and or service times, please visit our website at www.livingwatersworld.org, or contact us via telephone at 410-296-5588.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?  Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re a leader in your world!


Great leaders always maximize the wisdom gained from examples gone before.  Biblical leaders such as Abraham, Joshua, and Jesus are the standard for leading people. Also, a leader’s bench-march continued to be set forth by world leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Reverend Billy Graham. These leaders have accepted the truth that leadership begins at home, but is magnified by the manner in which one worships God; thus, it causes one to make a world of difference!


Royal essence skincare

What you need to know about Cosmetics

Cosmetics have traditionally received little attention because it has been wrongly assumed that such products do not really affect our health or safety.

American women amazingly spend billions of dollars a year on cosmetics and most do not know what they are using. The temptation to use a product that will restore youth and beauty to the skin is simply irresistible to most women.

Intelligent women who read food labels to see if there are any harmful additives, smear their faces with products that contain a multitude of long name chemicals – they don’t know what they mean or why it costs so much.

Most women place blind faith in designer names and believe the stories behind the extravagant claims made by the manufacturer. Companies are not in the business of educating consumers about ingredients or potential problems. Sales are dependent on products advertisement rather than knowledge of ingredients, mechanism of action and scientific studies.

If a product feels good, smells good and looks good, it will sell irrespective of whether it works or not. They use a hog podge of clinical jargon that often does little more than confuse the already confused consumer.

There is NO REGULATION requiring cosmetic manufacturers to do any long range testing of ingredients for safety and efficacy before products are marketed.

More than 100 million dollars is spent annually on cosmetic advertising. Over 90% of the costs may go into advertising with only a fraction of the cost allocated to ingredients.

What the consumer wants to know is very simple:

“Do these products work or don’t they?”

ROYAL ESSENCE addresses each of the above issues:

1. We use safe natural products.
2. No hype – simple effective formulas.
3. Information on each product with scientific references.
4. All ingredients have documentd efficacy.


There are very few products that have documented scientific evidence to support their mode of action.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – cause increased epithelial shedding – however no permanent change is produced. The skin reverts back to its original condition when the product is discontinued.

Moisturizers – can make the skin look smoother by hydrating the outer layers of dead cells. Once again this is only a temporary effect. Moisturizers have no effect on wrinkles.

Sun screens – the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT used to prevent premature aging. They are regulated by the FDA and fall under the section of over the counter drugs (OTC). The higher the SPF number the greater the protection – but products also contain a greater amount of sunscreen chemicals with a stronger likelihood for allergic reaction and a more sticky feel to the product.

Antioxidants – There is simply no conclusive scientific evidence that antioxidants really prevent wrinkles.

After eliminating the hype � What works and what does not:

1. You can only clean the surface of the skin. Use water, a mild soap, or dilute glycolic acid.
2. More expensive products are not necessarily better.
3. Sun exposure causes wrinkles. Use of a non-irritating sunscreen is the most effective way to prevent wrinkling.
4. Cosmetics frequently cause skin problems such as irritation, dryness, blemishes and breakouts.
5. Moisturizers can clog pores. Allergic reactions occurs to numerous ingredients in skin care products.
6. Chemicals and certain plant extracts can be too irritating, too drying or cause excessive oiliness
7. Moisturizers do not reduce wrinkles. Oily skin may look less wrinkled as it has a smoother appearance.
8. Wrinkles are caused by sun damage, smoking, genetic factors and illness, not by lack of moisture.
9. Moisturizers can temporarily, on a day to day basis, make wrinkles less visible by plumping up the skin cells. There are very few products that have documented scientific evidence to support their mode of action.
10. Alpha Hydroxy Acids causes increased epithelial shedding – however no permanent change is produced. The skin reverts back to its original condition when the product is discontinued.


…when it comes to ingredients for your skin. It is the ACTIVE ingredients that nourish the skin, not the multitude of chemicals that make the product flow nicely, feel rich and expensive or have a pearlescent sheen. Don’t think for one minute that a $300 jar of high end, big name cream, such as La Prarie, will do more for your skin than the simpler, less expensive formulas.

Quite the contrary, the inactive ingredients such as: detergents, buffers, glitter, stabilizers, coloring/decoloring agents, mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin, acetone, synthesized chemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, thickening and suspending agents, odorants, solvents, binders…make up the majority of the contents and only lead to allergic reactions, rashes, dryness, blemishes, clogged pores, higher prices or simply do nothing for the skin ~ and make the product more expensive! Plus, these harmful ingredients can enter the bloodstream to cause even more problems.

Royal Essence SkinCare ingredients REPLACE what the natural aging process has taking out of your skin.

What our ingredients do for your skin:

ceramides ~

cholesterol ~ a natural lubricant

cyclomethicone ~ an antifoaming agent

dimethicone ~ a skin protectant

essential oils ~ pure expressed oils from plants for balancing skin conditions with softening, hydrating and soothing properties

glycerine ~ a natural vegetable solvent, humectant and emollient

glycoceramides ~

glycolic acid ~ an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a naturally occuring deep exfoliating and cleansing substance found in a variety of fruits, milk, wines and sugar cane that stimulates collagen formation, removes the thickened and damaged outer layer of skin leaving a smoother and healthier appearance, good for oily and acneic skins, wrinkles and age spots

hyaluronic acid ~ a naturally occurring polysaccharicte(carbohydrate) found in the space between cells of the skin, retains water for UNMATCHED TISSUE HYDRATING properties, tissue lubrication and cellular funtion, reduces dryness, itching and burning, young and firm skin has a direct relationship to the hyaluronic acid content of the skin, dramatic loss after age 50, used in Estee Lauder’s Night Repair Lotion and Lancome’s activating serum but in small concetrations due to it’s high cost

liposomes ~ a natural moisturizer and delivery system

octyl cocoate ~

olive oil castile ~ a natural humectant derived from olives

rose hip seed oil ~ a skin rejuvenator

seaweed extract ~ a natural moisturizer rich in active compounds such as uronic acid, carbohydrates, fucose polymers, sulfated polygalactosides, mineral salts, iodinated compounds, proteins, amino acids, organic acids and vitamins, hydrates and softens the skin by proteins combining with the outer layer of skin (and hair) forming a protective moisturizing complex, micro elements and essential metabolites facilitate penetration to assist the skin’s natural ability to repair itself

squalane ~ the main constituent of sebum, which is the skin’s own natural moisturizer synthesized in the human liver, a deficiency can cause dry skin and premature aging; a remarkable extract from olive oil which has a molecular structure similar to that of vitamin A, stimulates cell cytotoxicity for the healing process, smoothes wrinkles and scaly skin, used in some of the world’s most expensive beauty formulas

titanium dioxide ~ optimum non-toxic sunblock that reflects UVA and UVB rays to prevent photo-aging, the single most effective means of preventing skin damage

water ~ universal solvent, delivery system carrying molecules into the epidermis


~ skincare since 1973 ~

Email me for your skin questions

Welcome! ~ Pure SkinCare ~ European Facials ~ About Royal Essence

Regional events australia

Terms & conditions of attendance and registration for the
Cultural Collaborations Forum and
Indigenous Researchers Forum, 2007

Cancellation & Refunds
Cancellation must be made in writing to Regional Events Australia ([email protected]) or to PO Box 392, Warrandyte, Vic., 3113
Cancellations received prior to June 14, 2007, will be refunded less a 10.00 cancellation/administration fee. No refunds will be provided for cancellations received after June 14, 2007
Registrations can be transferred.  Please notify us in writing of any transfers.

All attendees to the Forums should ensure they have their own personal insurance to cover any medial expenses, damage to property or loss of personal effects.  Regional Events Australia and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education are not liable for personal injury, loss or damange to property, for delegates during the Forums.

Regional Events Australia and the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education will make every effort to ensure that the content of the Forums is as close as possible to the event programs as published on the Forum web-sites.  No liability is accepted for any inaccuracy or misdescription, or for the cancellation by any Forum presenter/partcipant.  REA and BIITE reserve the right to change any or all of the program elements.

Reference place – a new way to study

A New Way to Study – Online Schools
Written by Greg Culver

   Sunday, 09 July 2006 If you want to be stuck in lame positions such as local job at the fast food joint, or ice cream parlor then you may discontinue education after high school graduation with a sense of freedom and adulthood right around the corner.

If you think so then be prepared for a dismal lifetime of minimum wage and disgruntled customers riding your back. But if you opt for a higher education then as soon as your high school career ends you must consider a college degree

Nowadays there are several options available if you want to gain further education that includes the four year Universities, and the community colleges that offer two year degrees and transfer programs. What I want to tell you here is about a new and wonderful concept of online schools. You can attend school via the World-Wide-Web or internet to be precise. It helps you to move toward a more promising career even if you want to stay away from campus life or don’t have enough time and money. What’s more you can get your college degree sitting in the comfort of your home. Can you imagine the incomparable access you can have from the privacy of our own home as the word ‘Internet’ fills our life with convenience and ease.

In the present scenario most of the people own a PC or Mac, invest monthly in a cable Internet service to make life easier and hassle free. If you already have a career or are stay-at-home parents and folks then you can get a college degree via the Internet. All you need is a home computer and high speed Internet to get an access to a University campus and take an advantage of online schools at your leisure. So, if you are interested then just hop online and search for a best online school and get yourself a degree!

Design story -model, briefing, concept, presentation, producton, construction, fair, dismantling, debriefing

Model |
Briefing | Concept
| Presentation |
Production |
Assembly | Trade fair |
Dismantling |


At Primo-Somadec stands are constructed
according to the following model. Our effective internal
communication and close contacts with clients enable this model
to be adapted to the specific requirements of each project on an
ongoing basis. Clicking on the logic diagram will display a larger


Would you like to know how this is applied in practice? Allow us
to guide you through an entire project.

to top


Our sales representative consult with the client when drawing up a
briefing. This consultation is frequently carried out at the
client’s premises in order to feel the local atmosphere and
companyculture. The first phase involves sketching the basic form of
the project to be completed.

to top


this data has been communicated,
the architect starts drawing the first concepts. In addition
to the general concept, this phase also involves brainstorming
on suitable materials, logo communication and any special
eye-catchers. The clients can then select the most suitable
design from a number of sketches, frequently in consultation
with the sales representative.

to top


When a basic concept has been established it is used to
formulate the first concrete project proposals. This involves
intensive use of the latest computertechnologies
and 3D visualisation.

At Primo-Somadec, beyond the human touch of experenced designers
we are using design packages such as Arkey, 3D Studio Viz and
packages enable the architects to translate
their ideas into practical solutions quickly and accurately.

Realistic scale models
(QTVR plug-in required)
 3D animations or virtual models are used for
extremely large projects.

In terms of display, special paint effects or
specific digital printing needs, our dedicated workshops are
frequently creating a prototype or a printing proof. The 
involvement of our workshop leaders at the very early days of
the project increase both it’s succes and feasability.

These drawings and

models are analysed with the client and adjusted where
necessary. The flexibility of the CAD programmes used
makes it relatively easy to adapt models to changing needs.

to top=right>


Subsequent to consultation with clients and approval of the
plans, a start is made on the technical file. Our consistent
method of drawing in the presentation phase means that a
significant portion of the technical files can be taken directly
from the existing computer model.


Our production plant is equiped with the most sophisticated machines, such as a completely
computer-controlled milling machine, three mega printers and an
in-house spraying station.

Our 30 years experience as well as our staff’s experience with
“rush” deadlines combined with high qulity materials ensure a
perfect final result.

to top


to top


the trade fair and in case of a technical problem, you
can count on our 24/24 hotline.



to top


Disassembly is carried out rapidly and carefully. Whatever needs
to be re-used is stored in our warehouses or delivered to the
client at their request. What would you think of a 5 m² digital
print of your own logo in your own office? Or a display in the

to top


We are only too happy to run through the completed project with
you subsequent to the trade fair or event. Any comments or
thoughts are noted and will be taken into account during the following


to top


Phace online v.7.0 – biography


Phace O.S. was formed back in the end of 2003 by Fredrik Jonasson, Magnus Andersson and Tiger. Since then the line-up has changed a couple of times and at most there were seven members of the band.

They went in to the studio to record the full length album “Break The Circle” in the summer of 2006. At the same time they parted from a couple of members and stripped the line-up to the backbone. They left their former label on their own request and though this time may seem as quite chaotic, it meant they came home, musically speaking.

These days Phace O.S. look at themselves as a genuine rock band. The trippy sounds, the jazzy tunes and the Drum’n bass rhythms may still be there in some amount, and they do have a characteristic sound (even more so now), but gone are the days when they were labelled as “trip hop” or “chill-out” or things like that. Phace O.S. is energy, melody, a shoulder to cry on and a friend to party with. Simple as that.

– Carl Anthony, January 2007

Phace O.S. is:
Anna Johansson
Fredrik Jonasson
Magnus Andersson



Sounds, single (2004/05/22)

Phace 1, 4 tracks (2004/09/01)

Sounds – Das Tinnitus’ “After Party Mix”, single (2004/10/15)

Sounds – Enforcement’s “Out Of Proportions Mix”, single (2004/10/22)

Sounds – Dumb Dan’s “Madchester Reconstruction Mix” (2004/10/29)

Missing You, single (2004/10/31)

Missing You – Tublenco’s “Slamcrawler Mix” (2004/12/20)

Promo 2005, 3 tracks (2005/01/23)

Whirling Butterfly And Me – Fredrik’s “Filth & Dirt Mix” (2005/02/27)

The Homecoming, 8 tracks (2005/04/25)

The Homecoming, single (2005/07/06)

The Homecoming – Akatishia’s “In The Shed” Mixes, 2 tracks (2005/07/06)

The Tube Song, single (2005/08/11)

Falling, single (2005/12/12)

And I Wonder, single (2006/03/27)

Flower Field, single (2006/05/26)

EP, 3 tracks (2006/06/05)

Remixes 2004-2005, 9 tracks (2006/12/05)

Promo 2007, 3 track

Mercy – Greve Carl’s Remix

Wonderful – Darkchild Edit



Break The Circle, 11 tracks



Benefits of binary option

Lots of attention is being drawn in the direction of binary option these days. Lots of forex traders are now favoring this more than forex. While binary option may have a number of advantages, forex trading too does have its own advantages. But despite the advantages obtainable in forex trading, lots of traders are still favoring binary option ahead of it. 

If you are a forex trader and you are not making as much money as you would have loved to make in currency trading, you can always give binary option a try. You stand a good chance of making it big through it with proper money management. There are lots of testimonies regarding how profitable it is. You may be the next person giving such testimonies.

Binary options do not expose your balance the same way forex does. In forex, you stake practically everything when trading and if care is not taken, you may lose everything you have deposited into your account within a day of trading. This is never the case with binary option. You are allowed to stake only a fixed percentage of the amount in your total balance. If the trading or betting on binary option goes against you, you will only lose the amount you have staked and the rest of your balance will be protected.

With the aid of binary option, a currency trader can apply reliable money management that may not be that possible in forex trading.   This is one of the several reasons many forex traders are flocking into binary option trading.

To make your binary option trading a success, you need to carefully choose your binary options broker(broker option binaire).  If the broker is gullible, you may lose your fund before you know what is happening. Make sure you are working with a reliable broker and do not do business with any unreliable one.

Does somatic identity drive pack choice? published in research news november 2006

See www.amsrs.com.au

‘Bubbling brooks’, ‘Rolling waves’, ‘Flowing streams’ and ‘Still waters’ – these are four ‘somatic identities’ describing girls between 18 and 24. According to Liane Ringham of INSIDE STORY, somatic identities are strongly relevant to pack design and point of sale. She has spent the past four years exploring somatic metaphors and somatic identity and how these are potentially relevant to marketers.


For some time now research briefs have been calling for an understanding of emotions as well as guidance in connecting with consumers at a deeper level. Early in 2006, INSIDE STORYstarted specifically researching the new area of marketing somatics, seeking to identify codes that can be used to ‘talk’ to consumers at a deeply emotional level.

A review of recent ads in a range of popular magazine titles targeting youth, including Marie Claire, Cosmo, Zen and Cleo, reveals that most advertisers are targeting a fairly narrow expression of female identity. The trend is to target the somatic identity we have called the ‘Bubbling brooks’, which describes young women who strongly identify with the colour fuchsia, hearts, flowers and things that sparkle and attract visual attention. These are the ‘material girls’ and therefore understandably attractive to advertisers, especially youth advertisers. However, the codes or symbols may repel many more girls than they attract. It is also possible that advertisers are missing out on even more compelling opportunities that have a better fit with their brands.


Nokia phones, the majority of needed phones | uncategorized

Nokia phones, the majority of needed phones

May 28, 2011 | By admin In Uncategorized |

By : ucha802204/pulsa

Pulsa elektrik murah. Nokia becoming a finish firm can be incredibly attaining 20% mobile phone penetration in the country. This achievement as a result of the two important enterprise power of this company. Each enterprise concentrations of mit tend to be Nokia cell phones along with mobile phone community infrastructure. Those people a couple make-up 90% associated with Nokia’s profits. The business benefits this particular achievement because of the dedication to good quality, as well as their mission for give buyers having progressive style and design Nokia cell phones.

Nokia can be narrowly being focused on Nokia mobile phone along with mobile phone infrastructure for the reason that enterprise considers sizeable development possible inside the portable cell phone field. Nokia can be ready with supplying land line telephony better difficult task inside the future years. There are started out and is also quickly becoming the chance. Despite the fact that granted, among the list of 3 important people in the country mobile phone field, Nokia, which consists of Nokia cell phones along with mobile phone infrastructure’s, could carry out this particular objective because of the robust dedication to change the actual bile telephone field. Even bigger would be the different people yet Nokia’s focus on innovative engineering to aid establishing countries perform devoid of land-base communications along with obtain quick communication the actual mobile phone application, is feasible. Nonetheless, Nokia cell phones as well as its extraordinary engineering style and design tend to be going through better issue with respect for the fast-paced trends inside the mobile phone field. Nokia can be going through charges difficult task, more specifically, due to the downhill world financial situation. Pulsa elektrik murah.

All these challenges, having said that, this company continues to focus on superior engineering for the Nokia cell phones along with mobile phone infrastructure. All these enterprise regions helped bring its enterprise for the stock exchange chart along with Nokia can be devoted to continue offering progressive engineering so long as probable. Despite the fact that, believe that auto assessments the fact that financial situation won’t require superior engineering of the Nokia mobile phone to assist them safeguarded successful enterprise inside the future years, people carry on and improve the actual engineering attributes of their products because it’s a consignment people represent. This guarantee will truly make sure you buyers who seem to appreciate the functional top features of Nokia cell phones.

This endeavor in the enterprise to ensure engineering progression because of their Nokia cell phones along with mobile phone infrastructure helps ensure the actual those who despite the actual expansion associated with mobile phone out there; you’ll continually chose the almost all sensible along with technologically state-of-the-art merchandise around Nokia. You can truly get each of the features about useful along with quick communication having Nokia cell phones as well as its mobile phone infrastructure.

Select the best and quite a few efficient when you really need portable cell phones, knowing Nokia’s commitment of good engineering trends, you will definitely get each of the rewards and even more. This is due to form sensible options, stunning models tend to be taken from Nokia crops to match everybody’s demands to get Nokia cell phones.

Eventually, Nokia cell phones advocate buyers to adhere to cell phone manners. This will aid make sure the whilst utilizing mobile phone, keeping in mind cell phone manners continues an individual good. You simply will not make an effort churchgoers by way of transforming off your current telephone in the place of praise. Avoid chatting out loud in public places to stop producing hassle along with irritating people today around. This is an excellent suggestion to get mobile phone buyers. You do not need to show off your current mobile phone, due to the fact Nokia cell phones get their personal personality, high-tech along with sensible, no requirement for someone to boast about it. Pulsa elektrik murah.

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