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What you need to know about Cosmetics

Cosmetics have traditionally received little attention because it has been wrongly assumed that such products do not really affect our health or safety.

American women amazingly spend billions of dollars a year on cosmetics and most do not know what they are using. The temptation to use a product that will restore youth and beauty to the skin is simply irresistible to most women.

Intelligent women who read food labels to see if there are any harmful additives, smear their faces with products that contain a multitude of long name chemicals – they don’t know what they mean or why it costs so much.

Most women place blind faith in designer names and believe the stories behind the extravagant claims made by the manufacturer. Companies are not in the business of educating consumers about ingredients or potential problems. Sales are dependent on products advertisement rather than knowledge of ingredients, mechanism of action and scientific studies.

If a product feels good, smells good and looks good, it will sell irrespective of whether it works or not. They use a hog podge of clinical jargon that often does little more than confuse the already confused consumer.

There is NO REGULATION requiring cosmetic manufacturers to do any long range testing of ingredients for safety and efficacy before products are marketed.

More than 100 million dollars is spent annually on cosmetic advertising. Over 90% of the costs may go into advertising with only a fraction of the cost allocated to ingredients.

What the consumer wants to know is very simple:

“Do these products work or don’t they?”

ROYAL ESSENCE addresses each of the above issues:

1. We use safe natural products.
2. No hype – simple effective formulas.
3. Information on each product with scientific references.
4. All ingredients have documentd efficacy.


There are very few products that have documented scientific evidence to support their mode of action.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – cause increased epithelial shedding – however no permanent change is produced. The skin reverts back to its original condition when the product is discontinued.

Moisturizers – can make the skin look smoother by hydrating the outer layers of dead cells. Once again this is only a temporary effect. Moisturizers have no effect on wrinkles.

Sun screens – the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT used to prevent premature aging. They are regulated by the FDA and fall under the section of over the counter drugs (OTC). The higher the SPF number the greater the protection – but products also contain a greater amount of sunscreen chemicals with a stronger likelihood for allergic reaction and a more sticky feel to the product.

Antioxidants – There is simply no conclusive scientific evidence that antioxidants really prevent wrinkles.

After eliminating the hype � What works and what does not:

1. You can only clean the surface of the skin. Use water, a mild soap, or dilute glycolic acid.
2. More expensive products are not necessarily better.
3. Sun exposure causes wrinkles. Use of a non-irritating sunscreen is the most effective way to prevent wrinkling.
4. Cosmetics frequently cause skin problems such as irritation, dryness, blemishes and breakouts.
5. Moisturizers can clog pores. Allergic reactions occurs to numerous ingredients in skin care products.
6. Chemicals and certain plant extracts can be too irritating, too drying or cause excessive oiliness
7. Moisturizers do not reduce wrinkles. Oily skin may look less wrinkled as it has a smoother appearance.
8. Wrinkles are caused by sun damage, smoking, genetic factors and illness, not by lack of moisture.
9. Moisturizers can temporarily, on a day to day basis, make wrinkles less visible by plumping up the skin cells. There are very few products that have documented scientific evidence to support their mode of action.
10. Alpha Hydroxy Acids causes increased epithelial shedding – however no permanent change is produced. The skin reverts back to its original condition when the product is discontinued.


…when it comes to ingredients for your skin. It is the ACTIVE ingredients that nourish the skin, not the multitude of chemicals that make the product flow nicely, feel rich and expensive or have a pearlescent sheen. Don’t think for one minute that a $300 jar of high end, big name cream, such as La Prarie, will do more for your skin than the simpler, less expensive formulas.

Quite the contrary, the inactive ingredients such as: detergents, buffers, glitter, stabilizers, coloring/decoloring agents, mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin, acetone, synthesized chemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, thickening and suspending agents, odorants, solvents, binders…make up the majority of the contents and only lead to allergic reactions, rashes, dryness, blemishes, clogged pores, higher prices or simply do nothing for the skin ~ and make the product more expensive! Plus, these harmful ingredients can enter the bloodstream to cause even more problems.

Royal Essence SkinCare ingredients REPLACE what the natural aging process has taking out of your skin.

What our ingredients do for your skin:

ceramides ~

cholesterol ~ a natural lubricant

cyclomethicone ~ an antifoaming agent

dimethicone ~ a skin protectant

essential oils ~ pure expressed oils from plants for balancing skin conditions with softening, hydrating and soothing properties

glycerine ~ a natural vegetable solvent, humectant and emollient

glycoceramides ~

glycolic acid ~ an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a naturally occuring deep exfoliating and cleansing substance found in a variety of fruits, milk, wines and sugar cane that stimulates collagen formation, removes the thickened and damaged outer layer of skin leaving a smoother and healthier appearance, good for oily and acneic skins, wrinkles and age spots

hyaluronic acid ~ a naturally occurring polysaccharicte(carbohydrate) found in the space between cells of the skin, retains water for UNMATCHED TISSUE HYDRATING properties, tissue lubrication and cellular funtion, reduces dryness, itching and burning, young and firm skin has a direct relationship to the hyaluronic acid content of the skin, dramatic loss after age 50, used in Estee Lauder’s Night Repair Lotion and Lancome’s activating serum but in small concetrations due to it’s high cost

liposomes ~ a natural moisturizer and delivery system

octyl cocoate ~

olive oil castile ~ a natural humectant derived from olives

rose hip seed oil ~ a skin rejuvenator

seaweed extract ~ a natural moisturizer rich in active compounds such as uronic acid, carbohydrates, fucose polymers, sulfated polygalactosides, mineral salts, iodinated compounds, proteins, amino acids, organic acids and vitamins, hydrates and softens the skin by proteins combining with the outer layer of skin (and hair) forming a protective moisturizing complex, micro elements and essential metabolites facilitate penetration to assist the skin’s natural ability to repair itself

squalane ~ the main constituent of sebum, which is the skin’s own natural moisturizer synthesized in the human liver, a deficiency can cause dry skin and premature aging; a remarkable extract from olive oil which has a molecular structure similar to that of vitamin A, stimulates cell cytotoxicity for the healing process, smoothes wrinkles and scaly skin, used in some of the world’s most expensive beauty formulas

titanium dioxide ~ optimum non-toxic sunblock that reflects UVA and UVB rays to prevent photo-aging, the single most effective means of preventing skin damage

water ~ universal solvent, delivery system carrying molecules into the epidermis


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