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Phace O.S. was formed back in the end of 2003 by Fredrik Jonasson, Magnus Andersson and Tiger. Since then the line-up has changed a couple of times and at most there were seven members of the band.

They went in to the studio to record the full length album “Break The Circle” in the summer of 2006. At the same time they parted from a couple of members and stripped the line-up to the backbone. They left their former label on their own request and though this time may seem as quite chaotic, it meant they came home, musically speaking.

These days Phace O.S. look at themselves as a genuine rock band. The trippy sounds, the jazzy tunes and the Drum’n bass rhythms may still be there in some amount, and they do have a characteristic sound (even more so now), but gone are the days when they were labelled as “trip hop” or “chill-out” or things like that. Phace O.S. is energy, melody, a shoulder to cry on and a friend to party with. Simple as that.

– Carl Anthony, January 2007

Phace O.S. is:
Anna Johansson
Fredrik Jonasson
Magnus Andersson



Sounds, single (2004/05/22)

Phace 1, 4 tracks (2004/09/01)

Sounds – Das Tinnitus’ “After Party Mix”, single (2004/10/15)

Sounds – Enforcement’s “Out Of Proportions Mix”, single (2004/10/22)

Sounds – Dumb Dan’s “Madchester Reconstruction Mix” (2004/10/29)

Missing You, single (2004/10/31)

Missing You – Tublenco’s “Slamcrawler Mix” (2004/12/20)

Promo 2005, 3 tracks (2005/01/23)

Whirling Butterfly And Me – Fredrik’s “Filth & Dirt Mix” (2005/02/27)

The Homecoming, 8 tracks (2005/04/25)

The Homecoming, single (2005/07/06)

The Homecoming – Akatishia’s “In The Shed” Mixes, 2 tracks (2005/07/06)

The Tube Song, single (2005/08/11)

Falling, single (2005/12/12)

And I Wonder, single (2006/03/27)

Flower Field, single (2006/05/26)

EP, 3 tracks (2006/06/05)

Remixes 2004-2005, 9 tracks (2006/12/05)

Promo 2007, 3 track

Mercy – Greve Carl’s Remix

Wonderful – Darkchild Edit



Break The Circle, 11 tracks



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