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Briefing | Concept
| Presentation |
Production |
Assembly | Trade fair |
Dismantling |


At Primo-Somadec stands are constructed
according to the following model. Our effective internal
communication and close contacts with clients enable this model
to be adapted to the specific requirements of each project on an
ongoing basis. Clicking on the logic diagram will display a larger


Would you like to know how this is applied in practice? Allow us
to guide you through an entire project.

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Our sales representative consult with the client when drawing up a
briefing. This consultation is frequently carried out at the
client’s premises in order to feel the local atmosphere and
companyculture. The first phase involves sketching the basic form of
the project to be completed.

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this data has been communicated,
the architect starts drawing the first concepts. In addition
to the general concept, this phase also involves brainstorming
on suitable materials, logo communication and any special
eye-catchers. The clients can then select the most suitable
design from a number of sketches, frequently in consultation
with the sales representative.

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When a basic concept has been established it is used to
formulate the first concrete project proposals. This involves
intensive use of the latest computertechnologies
and 3D visualisation.

At Primo-Somadec, beyond the human touch of experenced designers
we are using design packages such as Arkey, 3D Studio Viz and
packages enable the architects to translate
their ideas into practical solutions quickly and accurately.

Realistic scale models
(QTVR plug-in required)
 3D animations or virtual models are used for
extremely large projects.

In terms of display, special paint effects or
specific digital printing needs, our dedicated workshops are
frequently creating a prototype or a printing proof. The 
involvement of our workshop leaders at the very early days of
the project increase both it’s succes and feasability.

These drawings and

models are analysed with the client and adjusted where
necessary. The flexibility of the CAD programmes used
makes it relatively easy to adapt models to changing needs.

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Subsequent to consultation with clients and approval of the
plans, a start is made on the technical file. Our consistent
method of drawing in the presentation phase means that a
significant portion of the technical files can be taken directly
from the existing computer model.


Our production plant is equiped with the most sophisticated machines, such as a completely
computer-controlled milling machine, three mega printers and an
in-house spraying station.

Our 30 years experience as well as our staff’s experience with
“rush” deadlines combined with high qulity materials ensure a
perfect final result.

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the trade fair and in case of a technical problem, you
can count on our 24/24 hotline.



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Disassembly is carried out rapidly and carefully. Whatever needs
to be re-used is stored in our warehouses or delivered to the
client at their request. What would you think of a 5 m² digital
print of your own logo in your own office? Or a display in the

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We are only too happy to run through the completed project with
you subsequent to the trade fair or event. Any comments or
thoughts are noted and will be taken into account during the following


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