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A Second Look


At first, I was hesitant to try this game, I mean, with a name like �Dark Messiah of Might and Magic�, I wasn�t expecting it to be that great of a game, morality wise. However, after some of my friends said that it wasn�t that bad, I decided I�d give it a try. Dark Messiah is a FPS Fantasy game. It�s the first game of its style that I�ve played, and from what I�ve seen in the Demo, it�s a great game, and it�s one that I�m probably going to get when it comes out.

Gameplay 19/20

The game is primarily a FPS. You fight with swords, bows, and magic, in a first person viewpoint. You fight things like undead and goblins. Thanks to the physics engine, most of the weapons and enemies react that you would expect them to. Arrows drop over distances, enemies fly back when kicked, and barrels can be thrown.

The magic and combat abilities can be upgraded as you go, as your character levels up. Some of the upgrades include new magic abilities, and new special attacks with your swords. You can also get a zoom-in ability for your bow, which is quite useful.


The enemies include goblins and undead. Some of the goblins even carry shields, which makes them a bit harder to fight. The AI is passable, sometimes the goblins flank you, while the undead just rush you.


There are several weapons in the game. You can use a cleaver, short sword, dual swords, a bow, and a couple other things. Each weapon has its own special move that you can charge up by holding down the fire button. Some weapons, such as the shield, make it easier to block attacks. Overall, the weapons have enough differences to keep everything interesting. If you kill enough enemies, you can perform one instant kill. This can come in handy during a pitched battle.

If the weapons listed above aren�t good enough, you can kick enemies. This knocks them back, and if done right, can place them in a position to be easily defeated. In some areas, you find firepits, and spiked walls, meaning that the kick comes in handy� (hint hint)

The magic system is ok, I didn�t use it that much, since it wasn�t really necessary. There was a fire attack, and there was a nightvision ability, both of which worked ok. I still liked the swords better though. ?

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are incredible. The game is based off of the Source engine, so I guess that that would be expected. In addition to the nice graphics, this game also tries to make it feel more like you are a person in the game. If you look down, you can see your legs, and when you are climbing a chain, you can see your hands. This feature was disorienting at first, as you might expect.

Sound 5/5

The sound is good, from the music, to the sound of your swords clanging, it�s all great.

Bugs 5/5

Some of the menus acted a bit funny, but that�s all.

Controls 5/5

The game uses standard FPS controls.


Now, I�m sure that most of you, after reading the review, were expecting the game to fall flat on its face in the appropriateness section. Surprisingly, aside from the blood and guts, and the minor magic usage, the game wasn�t that bad.

You are required to kill various monsters. Depending on how you do it, there can be a lot or a little of blood. The undead guys can be decapitated. One of your fatality moves involves stabbing a guy and then kicking him off your sword.

There is magic in this game, but it�s the �press a button, and watch something happen� type. No chanting, or anything like that.

There is, however, one catch, while the demo doesn�t appear to have this content, the full game is rated M for partial nudity, and strong language. I don�t know exactly what that would entail, but it�s something to keep in mind before you try the demo.


This was a great game, and I sincerely hope that they pull the nudity and the language from the full game before they release it.

Gameplay = 49/50

Appropriateness = 34.5/50

People killing people in cold blooded murder (-5 pts)

Blood sprays on the wall and everywhere else (-2.5 pts)

Body parts can be visually unattached (-1.5 pts)

Game takes place in an environment with minor occult references. (-3 pts)

Borderline magic (hard to tell if occult) is used by player. (-3.5 pts)
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