Kids as well as adults love nerf guns – you will too!

It is no secret that kids love NERF guns but did you know that there are actually quite a cult following for adults who still actively buy and play with these guns?

There are countless communities dedicated to adults who purchase, modify, and play with NERF guns and some of the most popular are over 100 000 members and an active community.

NERF guns were made so that at any age level that you could take a gun, buy extra ammunition, meet friends and start having a blast, a marketing strategy that allowed them to sell millions of toy guns in the world.

NERF guns seem to have become very popular for those who edit, paint, and even to remodel to create weapons that look indistinguishable from their original self and often mimic the guns seen in films like Hellboy. These guns often sell for hundreds of dollars and have a creative outlet for adult artists who are less interested in playing with their NERF gun and are more interested in creating a unique work of art which is also a fully functioning NERF gun.

In the more artistic side of things there are tons of NERF competitions for all age groups that are a load of fun and a great way to meet other players NERF not only in your area, but around the world. The NERF Dart Tag League was a world competition in Orlando, Florida in 2009 with great attendance. The competitions are also held in Singapore, Boston, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas among other places in the world. These events are a blast to go and are a great way to showcase your skills with your NERF blaster.

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