Te rapa spring 2011

4:31pm, Sunday 2nd of October 2011, by Simone Kann

Super weather and it held off raining!

It was a good weekend for us with the horses performing well.

In the Open Intermediate(sponsored by County saddlery) we ran Just Chocolate(Tim and Sarah Vraley, Donna Smith Eventing), who feels fantastic and getting really established, Choccie won the dressage and finished on his dressage score to win over all, with a big smile on Donna and Choccie’s face after the run, unfortunately Sarah and Tim weren’t their, but through the live scoring on  they were kept well informed   http://www.equestrianentries.co.nz/Default.aspx with scores coming up pretty much straight after the secretary had them.

In the Novice Drumelzier(Tom and gaye McClunie) made Donna, Myself, Gaye and Tom proud by winning this at only his 2nd novice start.Drum is a very difficult horse, he has a ton of ability and believe that as a thirteen year old he will be unbeatable and at his best, for now we are so proud of him…….and everybody that has a connection to him.  Tom was away “working” and we can’t wait to have a taste of his hard work, meanwhile Gaye set us all up with enough food to feed our army of fantastic workers. Also Balmoral Tall Jan, a new ride for Donna, owned by Rebel Morrow had a fantastic first up start to come 2nd behind Drum, Donna adores this mare (Jan has a selective few who she adores!) she also is a serious horse for the future and unfortunatly is for sale…but not for the faint hearted to deal with on the ground.

In the Pre Novice we had Steve and Vicki Jack’s Athens having her first start, Athens approaches fences with her knees around her ears, and certainly didn’t dissapoint this weekend to finish 4th in her first start, and a watch this space horse. Paddy had his first competition on Balmoral Boomerang, which was a very positive step towards the future.

Training Young Event Horse……. Balmoral Oakey (donna and I) Waitangi My Space (John and Jos Bayly) and Balmoral Nashville (Donna and i and Sue Clarke, also secretly we think diana and graham wish they did!) Fantastic class sponsored by www.takethemoment.co.nz and it showed the strength of nz/aussie horses in this country. Oakey finishing 3rd, Waitangi My Space 5th these two horses are seriously exciting for the future and Nashville and Donna brought back Donna’s childhood and had a blast after fence 2! it was a super class with the waitangi horses in the top placings in the class, nothing like battling out the win between freinds on well bred horses. I was informing John Bayly of the live scoring as Donna was in the test on My Space, as Danni had just done a 26 on Icon……Donna finishes the test, john imediately asks me what score My Space had got………..well technology is good John but Christine hartsones legs arent that quick to pick up 9 other dressage arena sheets in 30 seconds!!  haha very funny moment.

For interesting reading Tall Jan, Fiddles sticks, Oakey and Couger are all by Falchrich a damn good Aussie stallion.

Pre training, we had 4 in, Paddy on three, Balmoral Townsville (known around Taniwha as the Sleeper!)He is by Hula town.  Troy owned by Vicky and John Lawson, the beloved event scorers/event entires from Taupo competitions and North, also Paddy’s surrogate ma and pa,(you will be pleased to hear this Shirley) and Paddy’s own horse Sand Ruler, and Donna had Steve and Vicki Jacks, Flint. Flint picking up a 5th placing and the others having a great confidence run for their first outings.

A big thank you to our Team of Lauren(scottish) Paddy(aussie) and Tessa who actually is a Kiwi!!

Excitng news for Donna and I that Dunstan http://www.dunstan.co.nz/ have just joined our Team alongside Top Notch Equestrian  http://www.topnotcheq.com/ and Platinum http://www.platinumperformance.co.nz/ .  We have been feeding our Team Dunstan for the past 18 months and are so pleased with how they look, run and feel, we recomend Dunstan to any event rider wanting maxiumn performace at all the levels, they have a feed that will suit your horses needs,. Anyone wanting more info about Dunstan or their products please come and have a chat or give us a call.

We are off to Dressage lessons wednesday – thursday then to Hawkes Bay Friday for the week to also do Aaron Station. We are taking Just Chocolate (Tim and Sarah Varley) , Henton Executive (Henton Syndicate having his first run) Balmoral Sensation (David and Anne Goodin, and Donna and I) Winston SW and Alpha Romeo SW (Sheena and Dermit Ross) Balmoral Tall Jan (Rebel Morrow) Balmoral Tangolooma (Graham Smith, Donna and I) Knightly Venture (Tarraleah Sporthorses) Tomahawk (Carylon Jolley) and Balmoral Fiddlestick (Donna and I), so look foward to their progession down their as most are stepping up a grade.

Hope everyone has a good week, look foward to reporting next Monday, (at the vineyards!!)

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