5 tips to stay fit during the work week

Hey all! I haven’t posted really this past week, but it has been crazy busy. Going back to work is a challenge after having an entire summer off, the joy of working in education! I am not a scientist or dietitian or doctor, but there’s some things that I know work just from experience.

So here’s my tips for getting your workout in each day during the work week!

  1. Track your steps. Using a FitBit or other tracker definitely helps this. The first day back with kids I reached over 16 thousand steps. By the end of the actual school day I was 500 steps away from 10 thousand steps, and I walked my dog after. Which brings me to
  2. Get outdoors after work! Try and go out for a little bit to do something active for a little extra time. I prefer to go walking with my dog after dinner. We go around 6 pm, and he knows that’s our time. When it hits after dinner, he sits by the door waiting for me to get his leash. An hour a day as a walk, or run if you do that, really gets you some extra steps, calories, and exercise. If you have hills in your neighborhood it makes this slight workout even better!
  3. DRINK WATER! You have to stay hydrated. I use a 32 oz water bottle that has other measures on it to help me keep track. Personally I would love one of the water bottles that tracks it for you, but hey we can’t all get what we want!
  4. Plan one activity for one day on the weekend. To get active, we have to remember that we don’t get a break on the weekend because it was a long work week. Plan something fun to get you moving on the weekend. Be it a hike, or like myself, go dancing on one evening of the weekend. Dancing can burn over 400 calories for one hour. I tend to dance for longer than an hour and those days are the days that I actually end up getting over 3,000 calories burned in day.
  5. Do a daily workout! I love Instagram and there are some great workout profiles I follow. Two are @BodyRockOfficial and @WorkoutPrograms. Both of these feature daily workouts! Body Rock uses the HITT model and Workout Programs have a daily workout post as a full body calisthenics. Doing a single workout a day will greatly help you stay fit, even if it is a short one. I love doing my workouts before bed. I know that’s not true for everyone, but if there is any down time in your day, you might as well fill it with something. Even doing a workout during your nightly TV shows can work well!

Those are just a few things you can do, but of course they don’t necessarily work perfectly for everyone. I just challenge you to get and stay fit during the work week, no matter how long your day seemed!

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