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Caverta – Generic Viagra

Caverta is an oral therapy drug for Erectile Dysfunction
and contains Sildenafil Citrate, the exact same active ingredient
as found in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals ViagraВ® Caverta is
manufactured in accordance with World Health Organization
standards and guidelines.

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Sildenafil Citrate Soft Tabs are made with
the same ingredients as PfizerВ® Viagra,but are not made
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Veega – Generic Viagra

Veega is an oral therapy drug for Erectile Dysfunction and
contains Sildenafil Citrate, the exact same active ingredient
as found in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals ViagraВ® Veega is
manufactured in accordance with World Health Organization
standards and guidelines

Please understand that
CAVERTA В® is not a hormone or aphrodisiac, it works
only when a man is sexually stimulated.

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Home Health VNA -Merrimack Valley Hospice – HomeCare, Inc.

Home Health VNA -Merrimack Valley Hospice – HomeCare, Inc. – Experts in home and community-based medical and supportive care.<br />

HomeCare, Inc. is your choice for quality, dependable, compassionate care in your own home. The not-for-profit agency provides comprehensive services that enable elders and disabled individuals to remain in the comfort of their own home safely — and with dignity.
HomeCare, Inc. is a member of the Home Health Foundation. Along with its affiliate agencies — and — the three agencies serve over ” in Southern New Hampshire, Northeastern Massachusetts and the Merrimack Valley.

HomeCare, Inc.’s Private Duty paraprofessional staff provide personal care, meal preparation, and medically supervised supportive care and assistance for frail elders and disabled individuals who wish to remain at home, as well as teaching and supportive services for at-risk new mothers, parents and families.

HomeCare, Inc.’s Private Duty Supervisor will design a complimentary, customized plan of care to meet your personal needs and the needs of your family. Family conferences are available upon request to discuss individual patient needs. Respite care is an option for caregivers, and can be arranged by our staff.

All paraprofessional staff are supervised by licensed nursing professionals and are required to participate in annual continuing education programs. In addition, we are a fully insured organization that fulfills the Massachusetts Council standards and administers CORI checks on all staff.

If you would like to refer a patient for HomeCare, Inc. services, please contact our Intake Department at 1-800-333-4799. Rates are determined by the level of care needed and are available upon request. Typical services can range from a two hour visit one day a week to 24 hour coverage seven days a week depending on available staffing.

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Halsey Burgund – Beat Vox

Beat Vox consists of a computer, a microphone, a touch screen, four speakers and custom software designed to transform human speech into rhythmic music. Beat Vox currently is realized in the form of a small sound-resistant booth, though it can be installed in a variety of different spaces and configurations. The custom software was developed in Max/MSP and runs on either a Mac or a PC.

In order to participate in Beat Vox, participants will first use the microphone to record themselves saying whatever they want for up to 20 seconds. They can then listen to what they have recorded and either re-record or hit the GO button. With the GO instruction, the software analyzes the audio recording, listening for onsets of words and certain volume and pitch changes which will determine how the recording is sliced up.

The result is a number of short clips of audio – anything from short phrases to words to syllables to phonemes – based on the particular way the person speaks and the tuning of the slicing algorithm. These audio clips are then used as if they were each a percussive sound, such as a cymbal, a snare drum or bass drum, and are played back rhythmically to form a ‘beat’ of spoken human voice. The software is programmed to randomly create beats based on certain parameters, and also has several user interface controls which enable the user to change what they hear by, for example, requesting new rhythms, changing the tempo or pitch etc.

Playback is in surround sound with different audio clips moving spatially around the participant. There is no additional audio added to the mix; all sounds are taken from the spoken voice recording, but when treated in this way, many of the resulting sounds are not readily identifiable as spoken words.

Participants are also able to capture up to 30 seconds of their remixed voice recording and email it to themselves if they like what they hear. They can choose to share their recording with other Beat Vox participants too. Enabling users to listen to what other users have done with Beat Vox will hopefully inspire and surprise. Everyone’s voice is unique to begin with and adding the self-remix creates an extraordinarily broad picture of the human voice well beyond the expected.

Beat Vox gives users a chance to experiment with the musical potential of their own words and voice and perhaps create something unexpected out of something typically considered mundane. Hopefully, participants will not only enjoy creating music with their voice, but will also experience a shift of some sort in the way they listen to human speech – their own and that of others. Human speech is, of course, used primarily for communication, but if one listens with a more open ear, rhythms, melodies and other exciting musical artifacts can be heard and appreciated.