Overview – Triathlete Health

This next generation product of Immunocal Platinum allows baby boomers and others to be proactive in their health by maintaining optimal muscle function, kidney function, bone health, and a strong immune system. Because Immunocal Platinum can help reduce acid production that may accompany a high protein diets it’s the ideal choice for people who find it a challenge to eat a lot of protein, regularly engage in strenuous exercise, or are trying to lose weight and/or avoid loss of bone mass. It also contains additional ingredients that render this formula more effective and safe for everyday use to support good health and well-being and buffer the effects of aging.

The E-motion Energy Shot is a high performance energy booster and antioxidant shot that uses a proprietary formulation designed to provide physical and mental stimulation at any time, night and day, taking you from work straight to the party of life.

The E-motion Energy Gel is a high performance energy gel that uses a proprietary formulation. Supercharged with an advanced, fast-acting and easy to digest concentrated source of both complex and simple carbohydrates along with electrolytes, B & D vitamins and whey protein isolate, this superior product is designed to provide physical and mental stimulation and extended performance and endurance, as well as accelerated muscle recovery

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