Happy New Year my Lovelies!!!

Excuse my absence, I have no new excuses other than more excuses (haha) pregnancy, traveling, holidays, being a mother and a wife etc.

However I’m turning over a new leaf and trying to be more consistent. So let’s kick 2015 off right. Wash Day for me was a breeze in which I was pleasantly surprised being that I recently took out box braids and I’m currently around 35 weeks post relaxer. Detangling was a breeze using the kinky curly knot today (winner winner chicken dinner!) Check out my wash day run down below.

“A) After detangling in quads I proceeded to shampoo wash using a oldie but goody organix  hydrating macadamia oil shampoo.

“B) T-shirt dry then deep conditioned using macadamia oil conditioner.
C) Cool-rinsed and bunned. Before bunning I air dried for about 20 minutes, used the scarf method for my edges. Viola!!!

Simply as that my friends!! How was your wash day? Hoping it was as easy as mine=)


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